Hillary Clinton 2016


Friends. Family. People of the world: tomorrow is Election Day. 

Today, tomorrow, and forever: I vote for progress.

I vote for equality.

I vote for women's rights. 

I vote to accelerate the fight against systemic racism.

I vote for environmental consciousness and green innovation. 

I vote for the rights and laws protecting the LGBTQ community.

I vote for education: the power to teach and be taught to participate in constructive and meaningful dialogue.

I vote for rhetoric that encourages peaceful diplomacy.

I vote in hopes that pacifism is a real dream: that war can be a distant memory marked as a tiny stamp on the timeline of humanity.  

I vote for breaking the glass ceiling.

Last week during early voting in my new home state, Texas...I voted for Hillary Clinton. 

Last night, a group of my dear friends and I had a party to celebrate our presidential pick: a Hillary Clinton dress up night. We dressed in some of our favorite looks HRC has sported through her 30 years in public work. What a time to be alive. Someday, when I am old and kooky- I will share these pictures with my children, their children, their children's children etc. (I plan to live forever) and I will reminisce on the time we dressed in pants suits to celebrate our dream of their world.